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MACS Plasterboard Systems, the award-winning Dry Lining and Plasterboard company based in Luton, has started filming the first of a series of in-house training videos that will comprise the MACS Multi-Media Education & Training library.

Metal Stud Partition Party wall training video 01 (2)
The videos, shot on location at various MACS projects in the South East, will form an important part of the on-going MACS training and education initiative which is designed to drive new talent into UK construction industry. But they will also be available to be used by any MACS operatives requiring refresher guides to ensure best practice on MACS sites.

Filming began recently in Luton at a MACS project for its client GPS Limited, with the initial video subject matter being MF Ceilings.

The video illustrates (using imagery and audio) the step-by-step process (from start to completion) used in building MF Ceilings.

“The intent of these videos is to educate and show the viewer how to construct MF Ceilings, including the required materials & components, tools and the actual building itself,” explains Wider Horizon Director Kristian Baycroft.

Metal Stud Partition Party wall training video 05

“We leave nothing out and want this to be a complete guide, and include aspects including Health & Safety issues, clothing & equipment, disposal of waste and much more.”

The videos will be approximately 15-20 minutes in duration and are designed to be used both on and off-site.

“MACS has aggressively taken the lead within our sector in working with colleges and other training organisations in teaching learners exactly what happens on-site and to teach them – by experienced workers – of what the work entails,” says MACS Chief Executive Tom McLoughlin.

“Learners should be job-ready when they finish training or schooling, and these videos are a great way of illustrating what actually happens on-site and how work should be done. The videos will be on our You tube site and also used in our prison training and at school employer engagement events.”