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MACS Plasterboard Systems, the award-winning Dry Lining and Plasterboard company based in Luton, is pleased to announce that the firm has been awarded a CITB Flexible Fund Grant.

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Grants Scheme provides funding for CITB-registered employers to train, up-skill and qualify their staff with skills to help the construction industry grow and that standards are maintained on site.

MACS will use the CITB funding to help defray costs in the creation of a video library that will serve as a training and practical skills introduction to newcomers either entering or contemplating a career in the Plastering and Dry Lining sector of the Construction Industry.

The training videos, to be produced by media firm Wider Horizons, will feature basic skills and techniques such as Setting Out Partitions, Erecting Metal Stud Partitions, Boarding Ceilings & Walls, Insulation, Steel Frames and more.
The first of the videos that will benefit from the CITB funding is being filmed in January 2017 at a construction project in Luton for MACS client GPS Estates. The video will feature the assembly of MF Ceilings.

This video (and all other future videos) will be available for view on the MACS website and also will be used for training initiatives at Schools, Colleges and Prisons.

“I am delighted that the CITB has recognised the training work and initiatives being carried out by our company and seen fit to support us with a substantial grant”, says MACS Chief Executive Tom McLoughlin.

“Our industry is suffering from a severe skills crisis and it’s important that we use every resource available to reach out to a potential future work force – and using media and videos is a crucial tool in this endeavor.”

“The process that MACS had to follow in securing the CITB funding was lengthy, but the result was well worth the effort.”

McLoughlin added that the MACS videos will benefit a wider audience beyond his own company.

“We hope these videos will support a range of training initiatives, both in and outside the construction industry, and include bodies such as the DLPTF (Dry Lining and Plastering Training Forum, of which I am Chairman, and an organisation that helped MACS considerably in securing this grant.”

Andrew Partington (Training Officer of the DLPTF) says, “We have been pleased to support MACS Plasterboard Systems in this successful CITB Flexible Fund bid and see it as a tremendous example for our members to also apply in respect to their own training needs.”