News & Events > MACS Operatives Gain Taylor Wimpey Blue Hat Status

MACS Plasterboard Systems are pleased to announce that two of its operatives have been selected to serve as part of a Taylor Wimpey health & safety initiative at the Chobbam Manor site in London.

MACS operatives Carlton Cuthbert and Festim Biri were requested by Taylor Wimpey to be part of its “Blue Hat” initiative whilst MACS Plasterboards is working at the Chobbham Manor site.

The Blue Hat initiative was introduced by Taylor Wimpey in 2015 and is designed to heighten Health & Safety awareness on its building sites. The initiative has been widely praised and it succeeds by getting the support and shared ownership from contractor working on its sites.

The initiative helps ensure that delivery of the Taylor Wimpey Health & Safety protocol remains consistent. This consistency is achieved by the application and monitoring of Taylor Wimpey’s “3 C’s” approach: Concern, Coach and Compliance.

The 3 C’s process requires Taylor Wimpey to seek out outstanding individuals from its contractors working on site and who are given the designation “Blue Hat”.

Blue Hats are briefed by the Taylor Wimpey Site Manager on the H&S rules and regulations required for working on a particular site. The Blue Hats on that site are then empowered to help ensure their firms adhere to all aspects of the site H&S plan.

Each Blue Hat becomes an important point of reference for the Taylor Wimpey site manager, and Blue Hats become part of the Site Support Team. Images of the Blue Hats are displayed in the site office.

“I’m pleased that Taylor Wimpey have selected Carlton and Festim to take up the role of Blue Hats on this projects”, said MACS Supervisor Tony Rabin. “The Blue Hats play an important role in helping us understand and to follow all the Health &Safety requirements on the site.”

“Having the lads as Blue Hats also improves the communications between MACS and the Site Manager.”

Cuthbert (pictured on the far left of the image, next to Taylor Wimpey H&S officer Matt Nice) came to MACS in September from the Waltham Forest training academy.
Biri, on the far right of the image, is a long-time Taper & MG specialist (SSSTS trained) for MACS Plasterboards.