News & Events > MACS Supervisor Aids Stroke Victim

Site Supervisor Ahmed “Smiley” Alzufairi has been hailed a hero after a medical emergency recently at the MACS’ Hill Partnership Trinity Road project.

A MACS labourer was taken ill at the start of a work day in late September. The man came to Smiley saying he was unwell. Smiley observed that the man was unsteady on the left side of his body and showing clear signs of distress.

Smiley assessed the man’s conditions and noted that the left side of the worker’s face was drooping and that he couldn’t raise his left arm. Smiley diagnosed these symptoms as being clear indications of stroke and that the situation was serious.

“When the man came up to me, I looked at him closely and something clicked in my head,” recalled Smiley. “I had recently seen a television commercial about how to recognise the symptoms of stroke and this man clearly was having a stroke. The skin on the left side of his face was drooping and his speech was slurred.”

Smiley knew fast action was needed. “Once I suspected it was stroke I instructed the man to lie down and then went immediately to the Site Manager’s office and asked him to contact the emergency services.”

An ambulance arrived and the first-aiders confirmed the man had indeed suffered a stroke. He was the rushed to Charing Cross Hospital.

The key in any situation concerning strokes (and heart attacks) is to get victims immediate medical attention. Smiley’s fast actions ensured that the victim was admitted quickly to hospital.

“I don’t think I am a hero at all, says Smiley, I just reacted and luckily remembered that television commercial saying what to do”.

Smiley has since spoken with the worker several times and reports he is recovering.”