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MACS Plasterboard Systems was named the ‘Love Luton’ 2017 Community Company-of-the Year and its Chief Executive Tom McLoughlin was highlighted as runner-up as the ‘Love Luton’ 2017 Businessperson of-the-year as the Luton-based Drylining and Plastering firm garnered multiple awards.

At a glittering awards dinner recently hosted by former British tennis standout and current media personality Andrew Castle, MACS and its CEO McLoughlin were honoured for a training scheme initiative that the company created for Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

The initiative entails MACS offering in-prison training that is designed to give offenders an opportunity to learn basic construction skills and gain confidence, which in turn enables offenders to find work in the construction industry once released from prison.

MACS Plasterboards created the bespoke curriculum for the training, and the firm supplies (from its own staff and at its own cost) trainers who enter HMP Highpoint in Suffolk, where they teach the prisoners.

MACS also provide practical advice to prisoners in how best to secure work once released from prison and facilitate the procedure for prisoners to apply for and receive the CSCS cards that are mandatory for work on most UK building sites.

McLoughlin approached a number of its key suppliers to enlist practical support for the initiative and British Gypsum, Saint Gobain and Gibbs& Dandy responding by offering at no cost the materials and supplies necessary to provide the training.

The initiative has proven extremely popular with prisoners. Each of the two-day courses offered over the past 12 months have been heavily oversubscribed.

“I am extremely proud that MACS Plasterboard Systems has been awarded the ‘Love Luton’ Community Company of the Year award”, says MACS CEO McLoughlin, and deeply humbled to be named Businessperson of the Year.”

“The awards are a testament not just to everybody working at MACS, but also to our suppliers British Gypsum, Saint Gobain and Gibbs & Dandy. “I am deeply indebted to everybody who has helped make this dream a reality”.

“It is particularly pleasing that we are being recognised by the community in which we are headquartered, and where I was raised,” added McLoughlin. “The in-prison training is a part of our overall corporate approach to sustainability – and our efforts to help people who are trying to help themselves.”

“MACS Plasterboard Systems currently have a number of ex-offenders who have passed through the training working on job sites in London – proof that the initative is working.”

The “Love Luton” awards are given annually to organisations (either commercial or not for profit) which are based in Luton and who are able demonstrate their support and commitment to the local community.