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It is the policy of MACS Plasterboard Systems Limited that all levels of management and employees meet their legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and all other legislation’s relevant to our activities.

It is MACS policy to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable and within the scope of known technology, to carry out its undertakings in such a manner so as to eliminate or reduce to the lowest possible level any actions that may lead to Environmental damage.

MACS accept it’s moral responsibilities and that the actions that it takes today may affect the Environment of tomorrow.

Therefore it is the Company’s policy to:

  • Initiate good Environmental working practices amongst its workforce.
  • Be directly responsible for all environmental aspects within the Company.
  • Actively encourage all employees and Operatives to develop an awareness of environmental issues.
  • Comply with any statutory regulations.
  • Take positive steps to conserve resources.
  • Communicate information regarding the storage, handling and disposal of waste and pollution prevention.
  • Implement and access the environmental policy.
  • Follow the procedure set out in the Site Waste Management Plan.
  • Support the Buyer wherever reasonable practical to procure materials from renewable or recycled sources.
  • Order materials with minimal wastage.
  • Comply with manufacturers instructions regarding the storage and disposal of their product.
  • Advise and offer clients alternative materials that have come from a renewable or recycled source.
  • Update or brief staff on any environmental issues.
  • Train Operatives using the environmental management Tool Box Talks, Waste Management and Pollution Control.
  • Dispose waste via an authorised supplier, Registered Waste Carrier or Waste Collection Authority.
  • Continue to hold a Carrier and Broker Controlled Waste Licence.
  • Comply with the Local Authority rules regarding waste disposal and segregation.
  • Set up various recycling procedures in the head office for general waste, paper, magazines, hygiene, toners and cartridges.
  • Keep on file in the office all of the Duty of Care Waste Transfer notes.