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There are various types of Metal Stud Systems used to create a framework onto which Plasterboard can be fixed. This is a quick method of installation, and thus is a cheaper alternative to using timber battons. Metal Stud Frameworks can be used in either vertical wall (Partitions/Wall Linings) or horizontal ceiling applications (MF Ceilings). MACs use three Plasterboard Manufacturers; British Gypsum, Lafarge and Knauf.

Metal Stud Partitions are available in sizes 50mm, 70mm, 92mm and 146mm Steel Studs are available that fit into 52mm,72mm, 94mm or 148mm Tracks respectively. Then one or two layers of Plasterboard are fixed to either side of the studwork. Various types of insulation can also be used within the partition void to enhance the sound insulation provided by the partition.